Rainey Wright’s Zucchini Relish

Rainey Wright’s Zucchini Relish

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7 Jars of Zucchini Relish

12 Cups Grated Zucchini
(Ours were 5 small zucchini and 1 and ½ medium sized zucchini to get 12 cups.)
4 Cups Grated White Onion
1 Large Grated Red Pepper
1 Large Grated Green Pepper
5 Tablespoons Table Salt
2 ½ Cups Apple Cider Vinegar
6 Cups Granulated White Sugar
¾ teaspoon Nutmeg
¾ teaspoon Turmeric
½ teaspoon Black Pepper
1 tablespoon Dry Mustard
1 ½ teaspoon Celery Seed
¾ tablespoon Corn Starch

Day 1

It is recommended to grate the vegetables with a food processor.

Cutting Zucchini

Chop the peppers into small pieces to feed into the processor,
being sure to remove the seeds first. Chop the zucchini into 1 inch
cubes and grate. Repeat with the white onion.

Chopping Zucchini in a foodprocessor

Once all the vegetables are grated, place the peppers in small bowls
with lids and place in refrigerator overnight.

The zucchini is placed into a large pot. Next, add the salt and the grated
onion to the grated zucchini and mix well. The zucchini will become very moist.
Cover the pot and leave on the counter overnight.

Process Zucchini in a pot

Day 2

Start by rinsing out the salt from the zucchini.

Rinse out the zucchini

Place pot into sink and add cold water until the water covers the zucchini.
Stir the mixture and then drain the zucchini into a large colander.

Pour into Colander to drain water.

Repeat 3 or more times until the zucchini does not taste salty.
Rinse the pot out and place the zucchini back into the pot.
Add the peppers from the fridge and stir.

Place your 7 pint sized canning jars into a large pot and ensure they
are immersed in water. Place the lids and covers in a separate pot
and cover with water. Cover the two pots and boil the water in both pots.
Keep heating until the canning process begins.

Boiling lids and rings

Make the syrup.

Syrup Ingredients

Start with a large sauce pan, add the vinegar, Nutmeg, Turmeric,
Ground Black Pepper, Dry Mustard, Celery Seed, Granulated Sugar, and Corn Starch.


Mix well. Place on medium high heat and bring to a boil. When the
syrup comes to a boil, dump the syrup into the zucchini mixture.
Place the zucchini on to simmer. When it is simmering over a medium to
medium high heat, let simmer for ½ hour. Immediately can into hot sterilized
canning jars. Use tongs to remove jars from water.

The Syrup ingredients mixed

Using a sterilized canning funnel, scoop the hot relish into the hot jars.

Lifting out the sterilized Jars

Fill the jars up to the bottom of the neck of the jar.

Jar with funnel

Immediately place a hot lid onto the jar.

Pour the relish into funnel

Add a screw cap.

Place cover on jar

Repeat until all jars are full or relish is gone.

Add a screw cap

Allow jars to cool. As they cool, the lids will pop down and this will
tell you there is a good seal.

Makes 6 to 7 pints.

7 Jars of Zucchini Relish


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