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Thank you for visiting The American Survival Guide web site.

If you are looking for magazine information you have come to the wrong place. We would like to give you a link to help out but there are a few magazines with similar names so, you will need to keep looking.

If you are still here then you probably already know we are a loosely organized think tank of Conservative values sharing ideas in an open forum. It is that ‘Open Forum’ part that has been causing problems for us since the inception of this organization.

Our open exchange of values, thoughts, and ideas has earned our little space on the Internet a massive amount of attention – most of it we would rather do without. Our server has been under attack almost constantly for a decade. These are mostly ‘Denial Of Service’ (DOS) attacks. To prevent these attacks we have had to block nearly the entire planet from access to our humble little forum. And it is not just the Commie Rats attempting to shut us down – some of these DOS attacks have been traced back to U.S. government owned I.P. addresses located within foreign countries.

Besides the Commies and the Deep State attempting subterfuge against our humble little website, we also have the mainstream media surfing our comments daily. Which is why we kept the forum open to the public – to share. But repeated plagiarism by the press is something we never expected to happen.

Running this web site takes money. Our original intention was to sell advertisement space to offset the expenses. The easiest way to do this is with Google Adsense service. But shortly after getting that account set up, Google shut us out for a ‘policy violation’ – they never mentioned which policy we violated or told us what part of our site was in violation. Obviously, a Conservative exchange of conversation was the ‘violation’. Since then we have reached out to a couple of the media we see surfing our comments daily to ask for a donation. But they clearly are in no way interested in supporting the website and/or can not be caught affiliating with us.

So, with all of that stated above, when the website crashed from an attack on the server this last time, we decided to shut out the non-subscribing public. At this time the only way to gain access to the forum is with a paid membership. We still have the same crew of non-paid contributors. If you are not contributing to the forum but just want to lurk, creep, data-harvest, plagiarize, or whatever it is you have been doing here in the past, then it is going to cost a small subscription fee so as to help us keep the lights on.

To join the forum just click on the ‘Contact Us’ link, introduce yourself, and ask to join the forum. We will tell you what the price is. And the price will be on a sliding scale.

Thanks for staying with us through all that and we hope to see your contributions in the forum.


The Staff